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Understanding Odds Of Baccarat

For the new player, playing baccarat may seem a little intimidating, reserved only for those refined enough to understand its nuances and odds of baccarat. But actually it is quite a simple game to play. As a player, one is responsible to make only one decision, where to put the chips in the table area - 'player', 'banker', or 'tie'. For specifics on rules of play, please review the baccarat game rules. So, what are baccarat odds? Well, read on to find the answer, as the main focus of this page is to help you understand odds of baccarat.

The first step in understanding odds of baccarat is to focus on the statistical difference between the “player” and the “dealer” position. While the “player” position carries a house edge of 1.36%, the “dealer” position has a house edge of 1.17%. This slightly higher edge of the “dealer” position means the “dealer” will usually be the winner in the long run. But there is no way of to know how much time will be required for the “dealer” to take the edge over the “player”.

The most important aspect about odds of baccarat is to understand surround the tie bet. In reality the true odds of a tie are much longer, with this bet having a house edge of over 14 percent. The chances of the banker winning are a little more than that of the player as the banker's hand is determined after the player's hand. Hence, the banker knows what hand he has to strike before deciding whether to draw a card. However, the player who wins a banker bet has to pay a commission of five percent to the house, which evens the odds of baccarat a bit.

While understanding baccarat odds, it is important tot note that even with the five percent commission; the baccarat house edge on player bets is 1.24 percent as compared to banker bets, which is 1.06 percent. Quite often, players track the wins and losses of player vs. banker on the sheets provided, trying to bet "trends" and understand odds of baccarat better. The truth is that long term odds of baccarat have little effect on short term results. The banker will beat the player a little more than half the time.

To understand odds of baccarat, you must know that the rules of baccarat have been carefully crafted to produce a small, yet considerable advantage for the house for both player and banker bets. There is a steep jump in advantage for tie bets. Complex calculations lie behind the percentage of both the bankers and the players’ win. Browse the other sections for understanding odds of baccarat from all aspects.